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Bikini Workout

The right bikini workout is even more important than picking the right swimwear.  You can have the most stylish swimsuit made, but if you don’t look good wearing it then what is the point?  Looking fabulous in a bikini means you have to work hard to maintain that great body of yours.  Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to get a great physique.

Bikini Workout

Core strength, meaning strength in the back and abs, is the key to having a hot bikini body.  There are a number of different ways to gain core strength.  Among one of the most popular is yoga or pilates.  These styles of exercise are all about controlled movements that challenge your balance and flexibility thereby increasing your ab strength.  Another great tool for strengthening the core is one you can do just about anywhere you sit.  Using a stability ball in place of a chair or couch will help you gain core strength by causing you to constantly rebalance yourself to stay in a seated, upright position.  There are tons of other moves that can be done with a stability ball which makes it a great, inexpensive way to get a bikini workout at home.

Swimming is another really good way to get an all over workout.  This activity involves using almost every muscle simultaneously, while the water itself offers resistance which means constant toning with every single move.  There are indoor pools all around, so don’t think this workout is just for warmer months.  You can add swimming to your bikini workout year round which means you won’t have to make up for lost time once warmer weather hits.

The most important factor to any bikini workout is simply to move, and move a lot!  If you get into the habit of exercising each and every day, changing up your routine a little to keep muscles in top shape, you will be swimsuit ready every day of the year!

Alice Nice